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A Fine Art paper print is a superior quality print produced on photo paper specially designed to guarantee the buyer incomparable aesthetics and longevity over time.

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The characteristics of a photographic art print

Whether it is cotton, bamboo or a blend of specific fibers, each has its own aesthetic characteristics, its own thickness and its own texture and for some a silver-like grain.

But only a few professional laboratories are capable of producing such prints, given the price and sophistication of the printers used. The main technique is inkjet, with pigmented inks, for remarkable color reproduction and superior durability over time.

Indeed, a true photo art print is durable, resists fading and wear and tear over time, thanks to the quality of the inks used and the choice of Fine Art paper.

A photographic art print can only be produced in a limited edition, that is to say a maximum of 30 copies and all formats combined. It must be signed and numbered by the hand of the photographer author, to indicate its place in the limited edition (for example 3/10). In addition, it must be accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, also signed by the hand of the photographer-author of the photograph, and the printing of which he personally controlled and verified.

The key idea behind these procedures is to enable the purchase of an aesthetically superb photographic art print, rare because it is produced in very small numbers of copies, and thus have a true work of art. As such, it allows the buyer to obtain tax advantages.

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About Fine Art Papers
Hahnemühle and Canson

The papierHahnemühle Fine Art Baryta is distinguished by an overall warm white and a glossy surface which will guarantee your art print exceptional color rendition as well as strong and balanced contrasts. It is suitable forboth color and black and white art photographs. This paper beautifully evokes the Baryta paper dear to film photography.

The Canson Rag Photographyis a paper also popular ins the very demanding world of Fine Art photographic printing. Possessing a warm general tendency and a fine texture of a deep and smooth matte, it is characterized by its versatility of use. However, it should preferably be reserved for Fine Art color printing.

THE Canson Baryta prestige IIand its layer of barium sulfate evokes the silver paper of the classic era of photography. If you like beautiful black and white photographic prints, this paper is for you. With its glossy surface and perfect natural white, you will obtain a photographic print with intense gray tones as well as vibrant contrasts.

If you have a favorite paper, I can make your print on this paper: just ask me when you order.

Please note: at the moment I only offer paper art prints. These are delivered without framing or support. They are delivered to you with my signature, accompanied by their edition number and the certificate of authenticity.

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Formats and prices

Limited edition Fine Art paper prints

  • 30X45CM: 129 euros

  • 40X60CM: 179 euros

  • 50X75CM: 229 euros

Paper prints  open edition classic formats

  • 20X30CM: 29 euros

  • 30x45CM: 49euros

Open edition paper prints square formats

  • Square format 20X20CM: 29euros

  • Square format 30X30CM: 49euros

  • Square format 40X40CM: 59euros

Large formats and frames: contact me

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