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Jean-François Naturel
 Photographer Author 
About - Art photography

Jean-François Naturel is a freelance professional photographer who mainly works on one-off missions with local authorities and businesses in the Greater Paris Metropolis, for whom he carries out photo reports, particularly in the field of town planning and architecture. . This profession of professional photographer is also a passion which naturally led him towards the status of artist-author to offer visitors to his brand new site, which he built alone, much more personal work which reflects all his commitment to photographic art. Because for Jean-François Naturel, photography is an art in its own right that goes well beyond a simple hobby or a livelihood like any other.

His conception of artistic photography

For Jean-François Naturel, a photographer-author must not remain compartmentalized within a photographic genre and for him photography must remain a passion before being a profession, even if photography is his profession.

He prefers to photograph the deserted city, early in the morning, with the feeling that it belongs to him more. He often wanders, dear to the great photographer Raymond Depardon, one of the major influences claimed by Jean-François Naturel.

When he discovers a subject, he works on it from all angles, focusing on shapes and patterns, perspective, shadow and light. He likes bright colors and marked contrasts. But what makes his work as a photographer unique is that he is interested in subjects that others most often neglect. Furthermore, in his mind, post-production is an essential part of creativity and it is not the image formatting tool that many denounce for lack of knowing how to use it artistically. Ideas and creativity are on the side of the photographer, not the machine. The computer is only the extension of a creative act which is prepared well before having photographed and having pressed the button on the box.

A sidewalk, a decrepit wall, old construction equipment, a street corner are all fascinating subjects for those who know how to see them. According to Jean-François Naturel, the photographer's eye is best exercised here. For an art photographer, there is nothing more gratifying to discover, once in front of the computer, that he will be able to work on a few nuggets at the end of a long photo outing, which for him is akin to a real treasure hunt(s).

For Jean-François Naturel, there is no such thing as a small subject in photography, even and especially when one aims to do art photography. For the photographer, the art of photography is of course the mastery of composition and the work on light and shapes, but above all it is communicating through images and transmitting an emotion, a little piece of the world that surrounds us.

About artificial intelligence in photography

From now on, the professional photographer, if he wants to maintain this status, must deal with the evolution of digital technology and in particular with the emergence of artificial intelligence in the field of photography. If the arrival of digital technology has been a real revolution for photographers like me who come from film, the possibilities offered by AI are like an earthquake. I am one of those who think that you should not fear the tool but use it in a reasoned and creative way, as an artist photographer, and tell those who follow you what you have manipulated, in what proportion and for what purpose. .

Contact Jean-François Naturel

Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information you may need. We can even talk photography if you want, I don't know of a more interesting subject.

06 10 87 25 51

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